ACE Award

Accepting the Challenge of Excellence

The A.C.E. Award is given to a senior at Chesterton High School or in the Duneland Area who has faced a challenging and difficult time in their life, has persevered, and will graduate from high school. The Duneland Exchange Club gives this award to recognize students for this incredible achievement.

CHS Ace Award Winner Peyton

2021 ACE Award Winner

ACE Award Recipients

2001 - Geno Halpin

2002 - Jacquelyn Patterson

2003 - Annie Madigan 

2004 - Jennifer Downey

2005 - JD Williamson

2006 - Amber Andrews

2007 - Nick Cuneen

2008 - Kevin Nault

2009 - Jonathan Mesich

2010 - Scott Radcliff

2011 - Jaclyn O'Conner

2012 - Michael Leopold

2013 - Kalvin Ravn

2014 - Zachary Barnes

2015 - Claire Johnson

2016 - Julie Hanna

2017 - BreeAnna Suitor

2018 - Kyle Bartaleani.

2019 - Ellias Hanna

2020 -  Madalyn Figg

2021 - Peyton Martinson

Back to school supplies.jpg

Back to School Shopping Spree

Annually, the DXC purchases back to school clothes and school supplies for children who attend school within the Duneland area, and are in need. 

Natural Helpers

The Natural Helpers is a peer to peer counseling program offered at Chesterton High School. In each social group at CHS, there are individuals who are sensitive, fair-minded, are good listeners, and are approachable. School-wide surveys are gathered to identify these individuals and these individuals are offered the opportunity to attend an intensive training retreat to enhance these skills.

Annually, the Duneland Exchange Club donates the money raised from our annual talent show to the

Natural Helpers. 

2019 Talent Show.jpeg
DEC Young Citizen Award Winners.jpg

2021 Young Citizenship Award Winners

Young Citizenship Award

This award is presented to one 4th grader in each elementary school, one 6th grader for each intermediate school, and one 8th grader per middle school, which includes the St. Patrick’s School and Discovery Charter School. The Young Citizenship Award is given to a person who demonstrates quality conduct in their everyday life.


What exactly does demonstrating quality conduct mean? It means this student has excelled in the following areas:


  • They help out where they can to make their school and community a better place.

  • They take responsibility for what goes on around them.

  • They participate in school and community service.

  • They are a good neighbor.

  • They treat other people with respect and dignity.

  • They follow the rules of their family, their school and their community.

  • They have a good attitude.

  • They try to get the best grades that they can.

  • They are leaders.

  • They are honest and trustworthy, and

  • They have good sportsmanship. This means they are good winners and good losers.

Youth of the Month/Year Award

The Youth of the Month/Year is one of the most popular youth programs among the exchange clubs throughout the U.S. This award recognizes high school seniors in the Duneland area who are hard-working, attain high scholastic achievement levels, are actively involved in the community, and have demonstrated strong leadership. 

The Youth of the Year is chosen from among the Youth of the Month award recipients and the student who submitted the best-written essay based on a topic created by the National Exchange Club. The Duneland Exchange Club's Youth of the Year advances to the Indiana Exchange Club Ωdistrict competition, and ultimately, an opportunity to vie for the prestigious National Youth of the Year Award. 

CHS YOM Awards.jpg

2021 Youth of the Month/Year Award Winners

Winners Photo - Talent Show 2019.jpg

Youth Talent Show

The Duneland Exchange Club Youth Talent Show takes place annually in April, and allows students from kindergarten through senior year of high school within the Duneland area to showcase their talents. 

Students will sing, dance, play instruments, do comedy, sketches, etc. It is amazing how talented the youth of our community are. 

The proceeds from the talent show are donated to the Chesterton High School Natural Helpers Program.