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A membership fee of $125 is assessed annually to be part of the Duneland Exchange Club. 

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Bob Pawlik - President

DXC founding member - Avid golfer - Consultant with Cleveland Cliffs - Passionate about the exchange club and the work the club members do

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Emily Strudas - Vice President

DXC member since 2015 - Middle School Teacher - Passionate about kids and their well being.


Jackie Ruge-Perkins - Treasurer

Founding Member of DXC - President of Porter Bank -  Past president of DXC - Distinguished Duneland Woman recipient - Fights for the protection of our children and brought Body Safety to our schools.


Maria Bachuchin - Secretary

DXC member since 2018 - Retired kindergarten teacher and gymnastics coach for Chesterton High School - Active gymnastics judge - Loves to give back to her community

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Paula Deiotte - Board Member

DXC member since 2020 - Retired - former Town of Porter Clerk-Treasurer - Loves the mission of DXC.


Clark Gloyeske - Board Member

DXC member since 1995 - Retired from NIPSCO - Avid runner and cyclist - Joined to protect children

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Sue Hadenfelt - Board Member

DXC member since 2018 - Elementary Teacher at St. Pat's Catholic School - Values community involvement


Michelle Jatkiewicz -Board Member

DXC member since 2021 - Depurty Prosecutor  for Lake County 


Pam Strudas - Board Member

DXC member since 2005 - Past-president of DXC - Teacher Aide at Bailly Elementary School - Loves making a difference in our communities and having fun!


Mary Talbutt - Board Member

Founding DXC member - Indiana Exchange Clubs Treasurer - Controller at Shaver Preferred Motors - Loves helping in the community and meeting new people

Jean Ahrendt.jpg

Jean Ahrendt - Member

DXC member since 2018 - Financial Advisor at EdwardJones


Mark Behrendt - Member

DXC member since 1991 - Business Risk Advisor for General Insurance Services - Sports Enthusiast


Maggie Bielat - Member

DXC member since 2021 - Teacher - Goes by Live the Life you Love, Love the Life You Live 

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Vickii Brock - Member

DXC member since 2000 - Past-president of DXC - Retired Principal - Distinguished Duneland Woman  recipient


Patti Campbell - Member

DXC member since 2005 - Past President of DXC - Visa/Merchant Services at Porter Bank 

Bob C..jpg

Bob Capehart - Member

DXC member since 2011 - Retired from ArcelorMittal - Past DXC President - Current President of Indiana Exchange Clubs - Joined to make a difference in preventing child abuse

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Jill Fields - Member

DXC member since 1997

Kym G.jpg

Kym Groceman - Member

DXC member since 2008. Past DXC president - Past YMCA Director - Distinguished Duneland Woman  recipient -  Currently owner and counselor at Bridge to Peace Counseling LLC  

Katy H.jpg

Katy Hamilton - Member

DXC member since 2019 - Retired accountant


Kathleen Jatkiewicz-Chandler


Joined DXC in 2021  - Compliance Officer for the U.S. Department of Labor

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Suzanne Mahaffey - Member

Joined in 2014 - Hair Sylist for Terry Abner Salon - Avid runner - Loves supporting our communities


Bernardine Renehan - Member

DXC member since 2021 - Retired - Joined because she thinks it is important to give back to our communities.

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 2.32.14 PM.png

Dawn Ruge - Member

Joined DXC in 1996 - Past DXC President - Distinguished Duneland Woman  recipient - Retired from Dawn's Catering - Believes in protecting children and trying to stop abuse

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 2.38.10 PM.png

Gwen Fyock Smith - Member

DXC member since 2018 - Nurse - Franscian Health 


Shannon Spratley - Member

Joined DXC in 2017 - Chief Operating Officer for the Duneland YMCA - Likes DXC because it is engaged in the community and supports our youth


Kim Stahura - Member 

DXC member since 2006 - Retired Chesterton High School Science Teacher

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 2.51.54 PM.png

Laurie Wehner-Evans - Member

 DXC member since 2010. Retired from nursing management at Northwetst Health - Distinguished Duneland Woman recipient


JD Williamson

DXC member since 2013 - Past DXC President - Former DXC Young Citizenship and ACE Award winner - Part owner of Nick's Tavern

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